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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The pre- baby shower lunch!

When you find out that your sister is having her first baby, it is pretty exciting, so I arranged a little lunch for her prior to her baby shower. I know some, would say , OTT ( over the top) but I am so excited for her, I just want to share in her excitement. 

Berry cake made by Nicky

Brownie slice , thanks to Errin. She got hungry on the 20 minute trip over. Fair enough too, they were to die for.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My sister's baby shower!

I have had a break from the blog for a while, but have to say I have missed it. Wish I had more time to invest. I really do love all the little things. I thoroughly enjoyed having fun with my sister's baby shower. Donna has gorgeous friends of which are very talented in the kitchen, ( Kath!). We had fun, designing a dessert table, white with a hint of red, at Donna's request.

Kath, one of Donna's bridesmaids made the gorgeous berry cupcakes and cake pops.

Baby shower was sponsored by Chandon!

Jannine, made the very tasty caramel slice and meringues.

Guests took home, milk bottles, cake pops and cupcakes.
Went for the hydranga's but sometimes they can come across light green, looked cute though.
 Cookies from Petit So Sweet. Thanks Chris.

Thanks to our friends from Kikki K. Create a page!

The lovely mother to be.
It was such a lovely day.
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