Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Life Size Organiser....... HELP!

My favourite shop right now is Kikki K. I need as much help as I can get, to organise my day to day life. I talk to so many friends and family, continually asking them, how do you organise your life and know where you are meant to be? My girlfriend use to have an excel spreadsheet for each child and husband, so everyone knew who was where, when. I have tried paper diaries, my IPhone diary, Outlook on my email account at work, daily planners and so on. I cannot keep up, I don't know how to run a work diary, uni diary, kids diary, home diary, social diary ( the most important )  and try and sync with my husbands diary. So, I have attempted this life size monthly planner on the fridge from Kikki K, and this seems to be working. Ridiculous I know, but no one can miss it. If anyone has any other great ideas please do share. I still do not believe that there is one answer here, but it sure is helping.

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