Monday, June 20, 2011

What am I going to take to the Trivia night?

Saturday night was the school Trivia night and I was lost for what to take in relation to food. I was surrounded by gourmet cooks, sitting on the table and everything I went to make,  was already catered for. 
I called on my gorgeous nephew's mum Freya who gave me a great idea, in the late hours of Saturday afternoon. She saved the day. 

Mini caesar salads for each person on the table. 
Shredded Cos Lettuce
Bacon - fried off
Bagel garlic crisps - crushed
Parmesan cheese
'Paul Newmans' Casear dressing

It was easy and complimented the other food provided by the other gorgeous girls on the table. I got the red noodle boxes from our local $2 shop with mini forks and mini napkins. Such a easy and great idea when you need something easy to eat, and easy to make. Thanks Freya x

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