Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't tell anyone !

My wonderful friend and old professional mentor, realised that I was just starting out on my creative journey of baking. I phoned her up the day before New Years Eve and said, "quick I need a cake recipe and I have limited ingredients, and I have 10 adults and 8 kids coming for dinner. I was out of town, away at a beach house along the Great Ocean Road,  where we were staying for the summer. She asked me to promise to keep this recipe a secret, but that it was the best cake that she had ever baked. Keeping in mind this woman bakes everything from scratch with the most freshest and organic products. Don't tell anyone but its a "Packet Cake". I believed her when she said it would be delicious, because she is very particular about her food, but how could I make a "packet cake". Well I made it , and my friends loved every mouthful. It is a Rasberry swirl cake. It is to die for, and there is certainly a place for it in our house hold. But hey don't tell anyone!

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