Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

What a lovely day with beautiful friends and family. In the past I have not normally made too much of Australia day, but this year, I wanted to do something with my friends and family. I love living in Australia and I love raising my kids in this great country. I might of got a little excited with the flags, but hey the bubbles and beer went down nicely by all. I decided to extend my limited skills to Lamingtons, and they went down like a treat. Not sure that I realised how long they would take to make, maybe that is why Donna Hay suggested you buy a sponge rather than trying to make one if you wanted a quicker option. I made smaller Lamingtons than suggested as I find them very rich in flavour and I think everyone tended to agree. I also made magnolia mini cakes for dessert and for the kids to take home, recipe a la Lou ( thank you Lou). Vegemite sandwiches for the kids as an entree prior to the typical Aussie BBQ for lunch. A new salad, added to the mix made by Penny, parsnip and carrot with feta, delicous.I have told her to photograph it for the blog and send us the recipe, it was sensational. Thank you gorgeous friends and family for a really lovely day, and Happy Australia Day!

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