Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Could it get any worse, I suppose it could!

I have never really wanted to write a post about the not so good times and things in our life, but hey this really does make for a good laugh.

To give you a little context, my husband is currently away working on the 7PM Project for Channel 10 promoting Queensland to replenish the slow tourist market up there, as a Technical Manager, ( tough gig). I have curretly have  a 4 week old meniscal tear in my left knee so getting around is a little strained , or as my neighbour kindly puts it ( look out here comes Hoppy) and as anyone would know, it is difficult to walk and put pressure on the knee, which is ever so easy when you have little kids. And of course school holidays have just started.
Nice one Ben, leaving the wife with the kids whilst you travel around balmy Queensland.

Well it started at 6:30am this morning, I thought I would get up early, as I have my girlfriend who I haven't seen since Xmas  coming over with her her 4  kids, a nearly 3 year old a 1 year, and 2 tween girls. So in total there were to be 6 children in the house for morning tea. With that many kids in the house on a stormy wet day outside I needed to clean up, put toys away especially those little toys that could obstruct a 1 year old airway, think about how I could entertain the tweens and maybe bake some cup cakes for morning tea. Whilst cleaning I realised with all the rain overnight the walls in my bedroom were damp, are we leaking from above, not man around to go into the roof to tell me. Will have to wing it. I then proceeded to clean the house in the wee hours of the morning and realised that my daughter was kindly itching her head. Oh o,,,, oh yes, Lice, Lice it is. GREAT!

So out comes the lice treatment, for her and her brother , seeing as no doubt he would have it as well. Meanwhile remembering I had an Osteopath appointment for my knee at 9:15am to then be back home in time for morning tea with my girlfriend and her 4 kids by 1030am. My kids were thrilled with the idea of a treatment seeing as it was 12 degrees and a rather cold morning, winging and whining at every chance they could.
Well we got through that, and by this stage it was 8am, and there goes the IPhone text, beep beep. Reading, " Can we postpone today as I haven't slept, the kids have been up half the night"
 Oh thank god I thought, I wasn't sure how I was going to break the news that my kids had lice, which sends an image that my children must play and wash their hair in the gutter, no matter how many times your friends tell you everyone gets it and hey the kids that have clean hair get it more than those with dirty hair ( yeah right ).
Mind you, I really would have preferred a sleep in, rather than cleaning the house head to toe, but hey, the house was tidy and there were fresh cup cakes for morning tea.
Finally we managed to get to the Osteopath by 9:15am whilst I am bribing, begging and pleading with my kids to behave in the appointment. Whilst lying on the table having my knee treated, there really is nothing better than a 20 something who has absolutely no interest in kids smiling and telling you how good they are, whilst Isabelle is bouncing one of the dirty soft toys from the toy box in my face to see how high it will bounce. Survived that in one piece, well one good leg anyway, and tried to ferry the kids to the car in the torrential rain, of course soaking my clothes through to my underwear. Don't you love that feeling, there is nothing quite like it.

By this stage it was 10 am , and I thought to myself I need a coffee, a strong one. I decided to hit Chadstone, maybe not such a good idea during school holidays. We lasted all of 1 hour before cyclone shopping my way through a kids store to get Nicholas some desperately needed clothes for a weekend away to Buller on Friday. The store clerk couldn't believe how quick I was, no time for procrastinating today, lets just buy and leave. THANK YOU

Oh yes, I had that to plan today, as this was one of 2 only days off prior to leaving for Buller on Friday.
I then decided to hit Dan Murphy's for some bubbles for the weekend, deciding as the bad mother that I am today, that the kids could stay in the car and have their morning tea. We survived this ok. Plenty of bubbles for the weekend.

We arrived home in time for lunch, however not in time for one of my children having an accident in their pants, great number two's, always handy when you just arrive home. Well it could be worse, it could of happened whilst lying on the Osteo table.
There was no way I was going to even attempt to wash these after my laundry was full of linen that I had to strip and boil to prevent the spread of lice.. So I chucked them, straight in the bin. Number two's, despite being a nurse is something I do not deal well with.

I then proceeded to check my daughters hair, realising the treatment from this morning had not worked, round 2 for her.
During the 2nd round of lice treatment, the phone rings and it is my lovely husband, trying to relay how busy and tired he is. I think I was about ready to jam the phone up his.......
My neighbour must of been sensing my frustrations when she received my text, asking her for a catch up at 5:30pm. Other women just know....
Vodka it is , waiting for me at her house. ' Bring your dinner over, and lets have a drink" Thank GOD
I whipped up a tuna and vegetable casserole and ate in peace, well even just for 5 minutes at my neighbours house.

I left her house feeling refreshed until I realised that I had managed to  tip tuna juice from the casserole dish all the way down the front of my top, whilst scratching my head. OH O.....
It could be worse... Some days, it just can't get any worse



  2. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sorry Vic, but I just felt my shoulders lower as I breathed a sigh (of relief)! So it's not just me that has these days! So, hope tomorrow is a better day for you! Gaye xo

  4. That is hilarious! I know the feeling and the NITS and LICE too!


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