Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How funny is the universe, it got better, boy did it get better!

What a contrast from yesterday!

My day started with my gorgeous neighbour taking my son for the day , being that we are well into school holidays, whilst I headed off to work.
Yeah work!!, How excited can one person be, going to work. When you have kids, most mothers would agree, work is a piece of cake in comparison. Regular breaks, adult conversation, and no playing the UN to constant fighting.
I received a letter from Monash Uni today, outlining that I was in the top 15% of academic achievement for my Master course that I am currently enrolled in, and that I have been invited to become a member of the International Honour Society. What tha?
Well my lovely sister, thought maybe they sent the letter to the wrong person.Thanks Sis, I was in shock too, but yes they got it right. Little old me, who wagged most of undergraduate degree and barely passed year 12, not through a lack of trying. My mother tells me I was preoccupied. Well who isn't at 16+.

 My mother is proud to have invested so much money into my private school fees, and having it finally pay off 20 years after leaving school, better late than never, hey?

I am truly in shock. I was able to get really high grades last year, but wow, maybe this calls for a bottle or 2 of bubbles ..... Dead Poets Society here I come. Does this mean that I actually know what I am talking about?? I don't think so, but hey I'll take the credit. Ha!
A very Good Day thank you very much.

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